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Coastal erosion monitoring

Due to costal and bank washing, territories are being lost every year at the rivers, seas, and oceans. Costal monitoring is used to evaluate and anticipate lost areas and environment objects, lost sand and forest volume in the overall territory. The research of sea cost erosion processes is essential to plan costal area development and environment protection. Long-term researches allow to understand and control tendencies of costal erosion and to determine places at risk in time. Monitoring data are necessary to control the local changes of costal area as the result of natural processes, to determine the influence of ports and other hydro-technical establishments on place, and to control the physical condition and changes in time of an essential quality natural resource - sand beaches and pre-dune zones. For monitoring purposes orthophoto data and 3D model is used. This method is faster and more precise to collect data on costal erosion on the whole territory.